Signs of Damage from Roof Leaks Caused By High Wind & Heavy Rain Storms in Macon, GA

A rainstorm brings much needed rain and is nature’s way of cleaning the earth. The problem is that your home is susceptible to leaks in severe storm such as high winds and heavy rain. Unfortunately a roof leak can mean much more damage to your home than just your roof. The water that is leaking through your damaged roof is surely causing water damage to the attic and insulation, ceiling, walls and even down to the foundation. A roof leak and the resulting water damage can easily go unnoticed for some time. The attic is not an area of the home that is frequented regularly and if water is leaking into that space it can hide from you until it is bad enough that it leaks through the ceiling causing tell-tale discoloration and staining. Your roof is an investment and knowing some of the warning signs can mean the difference between a quick inexpensive repair or a complete roof replacement. The knowledgeable professionals at Roush Enterprises LLC are the experts when it comes to repairing roofs in Middle Georgia.

Roofing Inspection; How to Spot a Roof Leak

Roof Leak Around Chimney: If your roof is leaking around the chimney your flashing may have cracked. Flashing is a thin piece of metal installed under the shingles of your roof to create a water-resistant barrier. One sign the flashing is exposed is that you will see sheet metal instead of the rubberized top coating that seals the flashing to your roof. You may also see large cracks in your flashing. The tar that is often used to seal flashing can also corrode over time which leaves your roof exposed to the elements.
Damage to Roof Shingles: Shingles cover the exterior of many roof and it is fairly easy to spot if they are lifted, damaged or missing. If you see patches on your roof and or find shingles scattered around your yard after a storm; weather, including heavy rains and strong winds are usually the culprit and indicate the need for roof repair.
Improperly Sealed Roof Valleys: The valley is the area where the two planes of your roof meet and come together. Because the area is sloped, if the valleys are improperly sealed, water can penetrate before it has a chance to run down slant of the roof. You can look for wet spots along the seams of your roof. The most common reason for a damaged seal is excess rain that causes the seal to erode.
Cracked Roof Vent Boot: Your roof vents resemble small pipes that protrude out from the top of your roof designed to expel moisture from the inside of the home. Roof vents are sealed by placing a tight rubber piece (boot) over the pipe. Over time, flashing may break and the roof can even begin to decay.
Clogged Gutters: This may sound obvious if you can see debris such as leaves sticking out over the edge of the gutter, your gutters are likely clogged. Sometimes a clogged gutter however can be much more subtle. If you notice a lack of water coming down the downspout during and after a rain storm, this is another sign. Gutter systems are designed to move water away from your roof but when a blockage occurs the rainwater will sit in one area of the roof which results in it seeping through cracks and causing damage.

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