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Quality Custom Homes in Central Georgia

At Roush Enterprises LLC, we pride ourselves on being a company that has a history of providing great innovation, new designs and upgrades that are guaranteed to provide extraordinary outcomes. We design custom homes as through we are building a home for our own family. Our custom design staff and artisans proudly provide all the services you need, with the experience, knowledge, equipment and products to build or remodel any project to your exact specifications. Our professional staff will work alongside you, advice and guide you in the completion of any project big or small. Contact us today and make your dreams become reality!

Custom Designed Log Homes in Middle Georgia

At Roush Enterprises LLC, we specialize in log homes that not only reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings; but even more importantly our artisans proudly build homes that reflect your individuality and personal style. Our custom builders and designers are knowledgeable and have a deep love and respect for log construction along with a commitment to the environment that surrounds our unique and individually designed homes.

Our log home construction includes:
• Flat Log or Dovetail: Traditionally, these beautiful homes were once associated with Appalachian-style log home design. What sets this style apart is the dovetailed or corner posted constructions. On a dovetail corner, the logs are cut to a fan-shaped wedge that fit into one another creating a perfect match with a beautiful hand crafted finish.
• Log & Timber Frame: Along with custom designed full-log homes, the experienced artisans at Roush Enterprises offer a selection of timber frame and log frame style homes. Both of these framing methods use large, horizontal or vertical beams on both the interior and/or exterior of the home. The beauty of this construction method is its ability to add structural strength and visual interest to the finished product.
• Naturally Accented Homes: Utilize a combination of logs, timber, stone and glass along with other materials that create a one of a kind home that is designed to reflect the homes surrounding environment. This design offers endless possibilities and design options that go beyond the scope of a traditional classic log or timber frame construction style home.

Framing Contractor Services

To ensure that your building is structurally sound, it’s essential for the framing measurements to be exact. Our licensed, bonded, and insured house framing contractors have the expertise to precisely measure your framing for long-lasting results. And if your needs extend beyond framing to complete construction, our team is qualified to help you complete the entire project. When it comes to framing walls, it’s important for you to work with experienced professionals who can handle the task properly. Poorly framed walls pose safety threats and will actually lower the value of your property. Fortunately, you can look forward to expert framing when you work with the framing contractors at Roush Enterprises, LLC. Not only do we have extensive experience with building framing under our belts, but we also place the highest priority on precision and safety. Whenever you choose us as your residential or commercial framing contractors, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best solutions with top-quality materials and flawless construction.

Exterior Remodeling Services

The professional designers and artisans at Roush Enterprises LLC understand that as the years go by, your lifestyles and preferences change and as such the needs of the home you live in will also change. Our team of specialists will incorporate your new design needs with your individual tastes and style, to reflect your updated style all the while maintaining your budget.

Small Project Design and Upgrades

Our knowledgeable design team is experienced with small design projects and all the many components and challenges they contain. Smaller projects often comprise shorter timelines and budgets and our experienced team of designers and technicians are well equipped to finish your projects quickly and efficiency.

Some of Our Services Includes:
• Roofing, Siding & Replacement Windows
• Additions
• Exterior Upgrades & Repairs
And much more! Contact us today and speak with a professional customer service representative about all of your custom home builds and exterior remodeling services.

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