Bush Hogging

With over 25 years of experience, Roush Enterprises LLC, a family owned and operated business, is providing high quality custom building services to the locals throughout Central Georgia. For peace of mind, we are indeed completely bonded, licensed, and insured. With our custom home designs, our qualified specialists’ attention to detail to your unique style and preferences, you will have the home of your dreams.

Bush Hog Basics

Bush hogging is also known as brush hogging, rotary cutting or rough cut mowing. The term “bush hogging” originated with the company that invented the first rotary cutter called the Bush Hog®. Rotary cutters are heavy duty mowing decks towed behind tractors. The process doesn’t result in the clean finish you would expect on a golf course or football field. Bush hogging effectively clears overgrown land that’s fairly level and not strewn with large rocks or tree stumps.

Brush Hog Mowing

To help homes in Central Georgia maximize their full potential, Roush Enterprises LLC includes bush hogging services. As mentioned above, bush hogging is more than mowing the lawn; it uses high powered equipment and machinery to make quick work of cutting down overgrown tall weeds or brush. While providing a large cutting perimeter, fields, large ditches, farms, medians, roadways, and areas around ponds and lakes are easily and efficiently cut down to make way for specific needs. Your property can be designed for roads, improved landscaping, structure development and more.

Bush Hogging & More in Forsyth, Macon, Barnesville, Jackson & Central Middle Georgia

For more efficient bush hogging, Roush Enterprises LLC may send survey specialists to evaluate your Central Georgia land and note the exact type of foliage that is in need of removal to ensure our experts are properly armed with the right equipment and machines to maximize the bush hogging service. Once the land is cleared, it can be properly assessed to prepare the groundwork for the intended purpose. Roush Enterprises LLC can provide a number of recommendations and help you better prepare and execute the intended use of your recently bush hogged Central Georgia property. Call Roush Enterprises LLC today to get started!

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