Is a Metal Roof Installation Worth It in Barnesville, GA? Withstand High Winds & Storms, Eco Friendly & More

Metal roofs have been claiming more of the roofing material market share over the past few years. Since the cost of asphalt has increased, the cost of metal has stayed level, or decreased in some areas, among other reasons. Metal roofs have been on the market for a few years now as they have proven their mettle as a worthwhile investment. Today, we at Roush Enterprises LLC would like to share them today when you need a roof replacement.

A Metal Roof Can Withstand High Winds, Rain & Lightning

Being that they withstand winds up to 200 mph, metal roofs will not dent in severe weather as they are incredibly durable. It is importance to most to have a roof that can survive such weather. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular since they have proved multiple times that they can survive such storms. Eliminating the worry of fires igniting from lightning strikes or stray fireworks these roofs are also fire resistant. Being non-combustible, another great reason to choose metal roofs over another roofing material.

Metal Roof Ventilation

One of the primary needs to owning a metal roof is to ensure your attic has the proper ventilation. The roof’s efficacy decreases by 2.5% for every 1% of moisture in the attic according to the Department of Energy. Particularly in areas with high humidity in the air, roof ventilation is vital. The system utilizes negative pressure to push the humidity and moisture out of your insulation and into the surrounding area keeps your roof performing in top shape for as long as possible.

Eco-Friendly Metal Roofs

A metal roof is by far the most environmentally-friendly option among the consumer choices. Since most metal roofs are made up of recycled materials, metal roofs are made up of 95% recycled metal. Metal roofs are also very easy to recycle once it is removed. Without much effort as most roofs are made up of copper or aluminum, they can be remade into other objects. With the help of metal roofs, the energy costs associated with warming or cooling your home are reduced significantly. Metal roofs reflect heat rather than absorb it with up to 35% of energy cost reduction. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, metal roofs help utilize recycled materials in an effective way. Being that metal roofs don’t have to be replaced as often as other types of roofs, there is also a reduction in the environmental impact of installing and creating the roof itself.

Hire Professional Roofing Contractors for Metal Roof Install

The exceptional advantages are nearly worthless if your roof isn’t installed properly. With the help of professional installation, your home or business can only be truly protected from the elements. The risk of poor performance and other disadvantages as the results of an inefficient metal roof installation though a metal roof should last for quite some time. It is vital to choose the right installation professional when it is time to put a new roof on your home.

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